Action Comics Weekly #601 1988 Superman Green Lantern Blackhawks

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Becomes Action Comics Weekly. Cover by Dave Gibbons. "And The Pain Shall Leave My Heart," script by James Owsley (Christopher Priest), art by Gil Kane; Star Sapphire has gone mad after the loss of her Zamarons and kills Katma Tui when she comes looking for Hal Jordan. "Moral Stand Chapter One: Point Of Order," script by Max Collins, pencils by Terry Beatty, inks by John Nyberg; The Committee For Social Change takes over a Davenport City Council meeting, and Wild Dog charges in. "Listening To The Mockingbird," script by Martin Pasko, art by Dan Spiegle; Mockingbird calls his 5-year reunion of the Secret Six, at the same time calling together a new group of recruits. "Faster Than A Speeding Bullet!", script by Roger Stern, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by John Beatty; Superman saves Bob Galt from an assasination. "The Section Chief," script by Mike Baron, pencils by Dan Jurgens, inks by Tony DeZuniga; Deadman thwarts a C.I.A. drugs-for-guns run but discovers that the C.I.A. section chief can see him. Article about the creation of Action Comics Weekly and future contents by Mike Gold. "Another Fine War," script by Mike Grell, pencils by Rick Burchett, inks by Pablo Marcos; Blackhawk is attacked by a Mr. Zalecki he may owe money to, while Cynthia Hastings is looking for him. 52 pages, Full Color, $1.50. Cover price $1.50.