Armorines #2 1994 1st Series Valiant

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Fathoms Below - Part 2: Frenzy" - A nuclear sub is sunk; a Navy SEAL team disappears; mutated sharks fill the water. Was even Marine boot camp this tough? One of the Armorines learns the secret of the undersea menace, but will he live to tell his comrades or is he headed for Davy Jones' locker? Characters: Armorines [Antonio Cordova; Gunny Lewis; James Earl Williams; Michael Sirot]; Castillo; General Kendall; Major Myra Lane; Spider Aliens; Tristan Atkins. Written by Jorge Gonzalez, with art by Jim Calafiore, Rodney Ramos and Phyllis Novin. Cover by Jim Calafiore. Cover price $2.25.