Conan the Barbarian #37 Neal Adams 1st Juma the Black Kull the Destroyer 1974.

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(VG/FN) Actual photos of comic book.

Last 20-cent issue. Cover art by Neal Adams. Last 20-cent issue. The Curse of the Golden Skull, script by Roy Thomas, art by Neal Adams; setting: Northen wastes of the Hill-men & city with crystal tower; Conan & Juma fight a giant slug & rescue Yolinda from Rotath; 3-page prologue introduces Rotath; adapted from the non-Conan story by Robert E. Howard. First comic book appearance of Juma, a character by Lin Carter and L. Sprague De Camp. The letters page contains Marvel Value Stamp series A # 8 (Captain America by Buscema). 36 pgs. Cover price $0.20. Cover price $0.20.