Eternal Warrior (1992) #12

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Issue Details

Issue #12
Published July 1993
Cover Price 2.25 USD; 2.85 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Bob Layton (editor and editor-in-chief)
Notes Signature dated 1993.

Cover Details

Characters Eternal Warrior; the Immortal Enemy [as Melissa Howard]
Genre superhero; period
Pencils Mark Moretti (signed, as Mark A. Moretti)
Inks Jimmy Palmiotti (signed)
Colors Paul Autio
Notes Signature dated 1993.

21 page Eternal Warrior story "There Will Be Another Time; (The Return of the Immortal Enemy part 1)"

Characters Dr. Kane; Eternal Warrior; Geoff McHenry; the Immortal Enemy [as Tara in flashback; as Juan Javier Caldone; as Melissa Howard]; Melissa Howard
Synopsis Having survived his "death" in Eternal Warrior #4, Caldone returns to seek his revenge against Gil... again. [per promo]
Genre superhero; period
Script Mark Moretti (plot); Kevin VanHook (script)
Pencils Mark Moretti
Inks John Dixon
Colors Paul Autio (pages 1-5); CJ; Bill Dunn; Eric Lusk
Letters Jade Moede [as Jade]
Notes Flashback to 79 A.D. Egypt.