Eternal Warrior (1992) #17

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Issue Details

Issue #17
Published December 1993
Cover Price 2.25 USD; 2.85 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Don Perlin (Editor); Bob Layton (Editor-in-Chief)

Cover Details

Characters Eternal Warrior; Terence
Genre superhero; period
Pencils Mark Moretti (signed, as Mark A. Moretti)
Inks Stan Drake (signed)
Colors Stu Suchit

21 page Eternal Warrior story Blood Money; ("Thirty Silver Pieces" part 1)

Characters Cassius; Dr. Spindell; Eternal Warrior; Geoff McHenry; Judas Iscariot (flashback); Livewire; Master Darque; Sandria Darque; Stronghold; Terence; Yvonne Cho
Synopsis Master Darque wants to drain the evil from cursed coins, and only Gilad can stop him. [per promo]
Genre superhero; period
Script Mark Moretti (plot); Kevin VanHook (script)
Pencils Ted Halsted
Inks Stan Drake; Winston Blakely (additional inks); Peter Palmiotti (additional inks)
Colors John Cebollero; Eric Hope (additional colors); Mike McGuire (additional colors)
Letters Jade Moede [as Jade]
Notes Flashback to ancient Jerusalem.

Half page Mulberry Place story "Mulberry Place"

Characters Uagnus Robot Fighter
Genre humor; parody
Script David Gau
Pencils David Gau
Inks David Gau
Letters David Gau
Notes Humorous weekly strip reprinted from the Richmond Times Dispatch.