Exiles 2001 1st Series #1

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Cover by Mike McKone and Mark McKenna.

THE SCOOP: Hot on the heels of her recent limited series, Blink forms an exciting new team and leaps into her own monthly title!

THE STORY: If you thought the Age of Apocalypse was the end of her story, think again! Following the events of BLINK, Clarice finds herself joined together with a mysterious band of heroes on a mysterious world on a mysterious quest... picking up on the mystery part yet? So who are these characters? What is their connection to the X-Men? And just what is their mission? All we can say is that this series will explore not just X-Men continuity, but that of the entire Marvel Universe, and each issue will feel like a WHAT IF?... except the danger will be all too real!

THE CREATORS: Pulitzer Prize-nominee Judd Winick (MTV's Real World, Pedro & Me, Barry Ween) teams with penciler Mike McKone (Secret Society of Super Heroes) and inker Mark McKenna!

THE BUZZ: "Hey, it's a popular mutant. Who would've thunk it? Blink here has won over the hearts of fans across the block." -Wizard

THE FORMAT: 48 pages, with ads.

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