Fantastic Four (1961 series) #153.

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(FN/VF) actual photo scan of comic.

 "Worlds in Collision!" Part 3 of 3. Guest-starring Thundra. Script by Tony Isabella. Art by Rich Buckler (layouts) and Jim Mooney (finishes). Cover by Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia. Medusa has seemingly abandoned the imprisoned Mr. Fantastic, Thing, and Human Torch! But the long-haired Inhuman has traveled to the world of the femizons to elicit their help in the war vs. Mahkizmo! Meanwhile back on Machus, the three remaining members of the FF plus Thundra make their final stand vs. the Nuclear Man! Will the femizons arrive in time to turn defeat into victory? The fate of two worlds hangs in the balance! (Notes: Thundra appears next in Fantastic Four 177. The letters page contains Marvel Value Stamp series A #62 The Plunderer.) 32 pages Cover price $0.25.