Gammarauders (1988) #1

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Life is no game on the world of the Gammarauders. But that won't stop you from playing along with the weirdest adventures ever concocted, courtesy of the team-up between DC Comics and TSR games. Based on the popular TSR combat game, GAMMARAUDERS tells the story of what happens when a bevy of bioborgs goes berserk on the world of Gammarauders, a crazy world of cryptic alliances between giant animal-warrior bioborgs and their human controllers. And if you think you know what to expect on this wild world of machine/monster madness...think again, because GAMMARAUDERS is no ordinary adventure. GAMMARAUDERS #1 is written by Peter Gillis, pencilled by Martin King and inked by Dave Cooper. Cover by King and Cooper. New Format. Cover price $1.25.