Helm #4 (2008 Dark Horse)

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Jim Hardison (W), Bart Sears (P), Randy Elliott (I), and Dan Jackson (C) There's been some good news and bad news for Matt Blurdy. First off, he slew the necromancer out to kill him-good news! But then it turned out that this dark wizard was none other than Damien, Matt's heinous ex-boss . . . totally weird news. And then Jill discovered the sword in Matt's closet, put two and two together, and freaked the hell out-bad, bad news! Trouble is, she could be right . . . either the world is actually in peril and the worst evil yet is closing in, or someone and his talking helmet need to be committed. Is Matt truly the Chosen One, or has he gone completely off his nut? Only one thing's for certain, people: it's time to roll perfect 20s. FC, 32 pages Cover price $3.50.