Nick Fury Agent of Shield #8 1969

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Cover by Frank Springer. "Thus Speaks Supremus!", script by Ernie Hart (plot, dialogue), Frank Springer (plot), and Herb Trimpe (plot), pencils by Frank Springer (pages 1-8) and Herb Trimpe (pages 9-20), inks by John Tartaglione; Riots break out around the world immediately following an assassination attempt on Fury; Tony Stark explains how only an "image projected onto a force field" was "killed", and the 4 assassins left alone so they could report back to whoever hired them; Other agents are being killed around the world, and the leaders of the riots exhibit no emotions, as if they were zombies; Aboard the Heli-Carrier, a meeting of the board of directors is interrupted by a transmission from "Supremus", who orders SHIELD to be disbanded in the wake of Fury's death; Fury, still alive, comments "he's not so ultimate"; Supremus plans to turn the world into a "laboratory" where he'll use "genetic manipulation" to turn the entire human race into slaves to do his bidding; But Nick recognizes the caves Supremus is transmitting from as "The Caves Of Hercules" on Cape Spartel, from a Howlers mission during WW2; Dugan flies Fury there, and single-handedly Fury takes on Half-Man, an android, and a group of genetic mutates. 36 pgs., full color. $0.12. Cover price $0.12.