Solar Man of the Atom (1991) #25

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Issue Details

Issue #22
Published June 1993
Cover Price 2.25 USD; 2.85 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Don Perlin; Bob Layton (editor-in-chief)

Cover Details

Characters Master Darque; Solar
Genre superhero
Pencils Joe Quesada (signed)
Inks Art Thibert (signed)
Colors Carol VanHook
Notes Signature dated 1992.

21 page Solar story "Where Do Gods Go to Pray? Afraid of the Darque Part Two"

Characters Dr. John Veerhusen; Gayle Nordheim; Geoff McHenry; Master Darque; Mike Harmon; O.D.; Olivia Holdaway; Sandria Darque; Solar; Terence
Genre superhero
Script Kevin VanHook
Pencils Peter Grau
Inks Stan Drake
Colors Carol VanHook
Letters Jade Moede [as Jade]