Star Brand Vol 1 #10 1987

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Enemies!" Story by George Caragonne. Art by Mark Bagley and Pablo Marcus. The mysterious White Event left many humans all across the world forever changed and gave a few of them amazing abilities. In this issue, Ken meets another paranormal. He's a red-blooded, all-American. He's super-strong, nigh invulnerable, and he's going to march straight into Russia and bring the Commies to their knees. If Ken does not stop this misguided powerhouse his action may start World War III and cause the deaths of untold millions. Question is does even the Star Brand have the power to stop this paranormal? NOTE: This is one of my favorite issues in the series. It beautifully illustrates what kind of chaos a misguided person with great power can cause. - Odinson, Lone Star Comics Archivist Cover price $0.75.