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Please be aware that we are only accepting bookings by phone at the moment, please do not use our online booking service due to new changes in effect. Both waivers below must be signed online or in-store before participating in Virtual Reality.


Covid19 Questionnaire waiver

Liability Waiver


COVID-19 Update..

We are pleased to announce that our VR will be available July 24th, 
Toy Heaven is committed to the safety of our staff and customers. Please refer to our safety policies below for additional changes we’ve made in order to keep everyone safe.

Safety is our top Priority


  • Please book your session by phoning us directly at 613-883-3636, walk-ins may be limited.
  • When you arrive at our location, we ask that you wait outside the VR room prior to your session. please use this time to sanitize your hands with the supplied sanitizer.
  • A member of our team will invite you in once the room has been sanitized.
  • All members attending must be from your same social group, or from the same household.

While you wait

  • You will be required to answer a few Covid-19 qualifying questions before you begin, in regards to recent travel, fever etc.


  • All equipment will continue to be thoroughly sanitized after each booking as this is something we have taken seriously.
  • We have increased intervals to 15 minutes between bookings, allowing us to spend more time on sanitizing.

Physical Distancing

  • It is mandatory for everyone entering our Virtual Reality playground to be wearing all necessary PPE. Please note: We will provide all PPE kits at a cost of $2.00 each which include, (1 face mask), (1 headset PPE) & (1 bottle of water), no exceptions, no outside PPE will be accepted.
  • Our team members will no longer be physically assisting, all assistance will be done verbally, we will allow members of the same household to assist others.
  • We encourage contactless methods for any purchases the need to be made in our location.


  • We request that you limit spectators to 1 per group to allow for maximum physical distancing. Provided spectator kits will be provided at $1.00 each which include all items above excluding the headset PPE. no outside PPE allowed.
  • We reserve the right to limit the number of people allowed inside, to ensure everyone’s safety.