Wonder Man (1991 1st Series) #12

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Issue Details

Issue #12
Published August 1992
Cover Price 1.25 USD; 1.50 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Evan Skolnick (Assistant); Fabian Nicieza

Cover Details

Characters Angkor
Genre superhero
Pencils Jeff Johnson (signed)
Inks Terry Austin (signed)

22 page Wonder Man story "Angkor...and Anger"

Characters FEATURE: Wonder Man; GUESTS: Mr. Fantastic; U.S.Agent; Scarlet Witch; Spider-Woman II; Hank Pym; Spider; VILLAIN: Angkor
Genre superhero
Script Gerard Jones
Pencils Gordon Purcell
Inks Andrew Pepoy
Colors Joe Rosas
Letters Richard Starkings
Notes Continued in Infinity War #1

1 page Bullpen Bulletins promo (ad from the publisher)

Script Stan Lee; ?
Letters Typeset

1 page Simon Says letters page "Simon Says"

Letters typeset
Notes Letters from Olav Beemer, Uncle Elvis, Matt Fort, Clint Ecker and Ben Pistorius.