Youngblood Strikefile #2 (1993) Image Comics.

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(NM) actual photo scan of comic.

Flip-Book; Super Patriot on front cover. Chapel on back cover. Cover pencils by Rob Liefeld, inks by Danny Miki. Back cover art by Jae Lee. Untitled story, script and pencils by Rob Liefeld, inks by Danny Mikil; Die Hard invades the Cyberdata complex looking for the captured Super Patriot; When he finds him, however, Die Hard discovers that the Patriot has been turned into a cyborg who violently resists any attempt to leave. Untitled story, script by Rob Liefeld (plot, script) and Eric Stephenson (script), art by Jae Lee; Wynn hires Giger to kill Chapel; In return, Giger tries to hire Chapel to kill Wynn. 36 pgs., full color. $2.50. Cover price $2.50.